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Omnyverse™ Brand Guidelines

The Links [] are the standard indicator that a consumer can link an offer (a Linkable™ Offer) to their credit or debit card. The Links are a required element of every Linkable Offer published on Omnyverse including any digital media, printed material or promotional items referencing the Linkable Offer.

Acceptable terms to indicate action are:
  • Link this offer to your card!
  • Link this offer to your credit card!
  • Link this offer to your credit card or debit card!
  • Scan to Link this offer! (for QR codes)
  • Tweet to Link this offer! (for Twitter)
Brand requirements:
  • The term "Linkable™ Offer" should precede any SMS or text-only offers.
  • The Links must always be in their native colors unless otherwise approved, in writing, by Linkable Networks, Inc.
  • The bottom left corner is the recommended location for the Links. However, the Links can be positioned in any corner such that it is clearly visible and aligns with the media creative.

Should you have questions about the proper use of the Links, you may contact us at